Polo v18.6 BETA Released

What’s New

Device Manager : Disable auto-mount option

On most Linux distributions, when a removable device is connected, the partitions on the drive are automatically mounted to folders under /media by the udisks2 system service.

  • If the device has encrypted partitions, you will get a system prompt to unlock the device. This can be annoying if you do not wish to access that partition.
  • If there are multiple such partitions, you will get multiple system prompts to unlock each partition.
  • Some systems will automatically launch file manager windows to browse each partition, which can be annoying.
  • There is a small chance of data corruption, if all partitions are auto-mounted, and if user unplugs the device without ejecting it first.
  • It’s not very good for security — all partitions become accessible to the system even though user may not want to access files on them.
Device links in Caja File Manager (Ubuntu MATE)

Default Shell

bash is now the default shell for embedded terminal.

Folder Size in Properties Window & Panel

Properties window and Properties panel now display the size of folder contents. It may take a few seconds to calculate size for deeply nested directories, but the code is now much faster overall.


A workspace is basically a set of folders. You can save open folders as a workspace and reload it later. It’s useful when you are working on multiple projects, and for each project you need to keep different groups of folders open. You can switch between the set of open folders by loading the workspace.

Cloud Support (Rclone)

Selecting the option “Main Menu > Cloud > Add Account” will now run the command rclone config in a terminal window. You need to answer the prompts to set up and authorize the account.

Misc Changes

  • Fixed: Partitions in device manager were not ordered correctly. Device names like sda11 were displayed after sda1 due to alphabetic sorting. Partitions are now sorted numerically.
  • Fixed: File-system tab was sometimes empty in File Properties window.
  • Fixed: Calculating folder sizes sometimes caused application to crash
  • #181 Fixed: Home, End, Pg Up, Pg Down keys open selection bar instead of scrolling the list
  • #196 Fixed: Pressing Enter after selecting items with selection bar will open the first selected file or folder
  • Pressing Backspace key will navigate to previous folder
  • #197 Selection bar: Added option to match at start of file name. This makes it easier to navigate through folders using the keyboard.
  • The “Disk Usage” context menu action will use mate-disk-usage-analyzer if baobab is not installed.
  • Fixed: Width of sidebar and properties panel will not change when window is resized.


Polo includes a few extra features and plugins for people who have contributed to the project through donations, translations, code contributions, etc. You can make a donation for $10 or more via PayPal to receive the plugins by email. Your contributions will help keep the project alive and support future development.



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