Early Access: Flatpak Manager

This app is currently available for patrons on Patreon.com. It will be released after a few months.

This is a simple app for listing Flatpak and Snap packages. I created this a few months ago after discovering that I had 4 GB of Flatpak packages installed on my system.

Unlike snap packages that require admin access for installation, Flatpak packages can be installed locally for current user. This does not require admin access, and allows Gnome applications to auto-install dependency packages when required. The packages that are installed can build up over time and consume disk space.

You can use this app to view, update or remove these packages.

Flatpak packages
Snap packages


  • Listing Flatpak packages is very quick but listing Snap packages takes time. Each snap package has to be queried one by one in order to get the size and other details.
  • Installing a new Flatpak package will start an auto-update for all installed packages. This is inconvenient and there doesn’t seem to be an option to skip the auto-update.
  • Flatpaks can be installed locally for current user, or globally for all users. Some packages must be installed globally and will give an error if you try to install locally.
  • Snaps are installed globally for all users and requires admin access to install.

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