Baqpaq v21.06 is now available. This is a major update with new features.

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Originally published at on August 2, 2020.

This is a general-purpose data backup tool for Linux systems. Powered by BorgBackup, RSync, and RClone it is designed to run on Linux distributions based on Debian and Ubuntu.

Unlike Timeshift which is designed to protect operating system files, Baqpaq is designed…

PiMix is a remixed version of Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi 4. It is optimised for desktop use and includes common software that you would expect to find on a Linux desktop.

Pre-installed system images are available with a choice of two desktops — XFCE and MATE. Each desktop is available in 32-bit (armhf) and 64-bit (arm64) versions.

PiMix 19.10 — XFCE Desktop

Aptik is a tool that can save you countless hours when reinstalling your operating system. Many people have downloaded this app over the last few years without realising what it can do, and are often surprised when they discover it.

Given below are 3 use-cases that Aptik is best suited…

Aptik v19.07 is now available.

This is a major update which adds support for Flatpak and Snap packages, and switches to Borg as a back-end for saving home directory data. The UI has been overhauled and is now more easier to use.

There are dozens of minor issues that were…

Ukuu v19.01 is now available with some major changes.

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